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Natural Instincts

Sustainable Shopping

We are a small business based in rural NSW with a passion for our environment.  We aim to provide high quality products that offer you and your family alternative solutions to waste.  Action for the environment doesn't always need to be radical, it can also be practical and sustainable


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Environment Pollution

About Us

We are based amongst the beautiful slopes and plains of North Western NSW.  Our team is committed to sourcing the highest quality, environmentally friendly products for you and your family.  With a fanatical focus on functionality, sustainability, and smart, stylish design, we believe  that every individual can make a difference even with one small change.

"I have always cared about the environment & I'm so concerned about the state we will leave it in for our children.  We are drowning in plastic waste; in our oceans, our waterways & the millions of tonnes of landfill growing every day.  I know that feeling of being overwhelmed by the issues.... the magnitude of what's at stake, the urgency & the hopelessness.  That's exactly why I started Natural Instincts.  By sourcing products that will replace single use plastics... ones that last, that are recyclable, that are biodegradable, I can help us all have a positive impact on the future of our planet.  Action for the environment doesn't always need to be radical, it can also be practical and sustainable.'

Amy Walker-Director, Natural Instincts

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